Ritte Ace Frameset

$ (' (id=prSize selector) ') .find ('div:first-child') .append (' View Geometry Chart ') ;$ (function () ( $ ('.size-chart') .fancybox ( ( type: 'ajax', width: 550, height: 400, helpers: ( overlay: ( locked: false ) ) ) ) ; ) ) ; Ritte is a Santa Monica, California based company owned by riders with a passion for road racing. While dedicated to providing a high end offering to the racing community, they are able to have a sense of humor and bring a bit of relief to a sport that can take itself a bit too seriously at times. Ritte Ace Frameset Your Ace is ready If purchasing a bike based on looks was a sound and prudent method for decision making, the Ritte Ace would be under every road racer out there. It is beautiful and emits a certain character that is unique to Ritte designed bikes. But, to be deemed a quality racer, a frame must possess much more than a handsome aesthetic. The Ace also comes with a full deck of performance features. Utilizing true one-piece monocoque construction, positive molding with a T700/T1000 Carbon Layup and integrated Di2 or mechanical cabling setups, it is no wonder the Ace has taken its place as Ritte's flagship road racer. These manufacturing processes give the frame incredible stiffness and power transfer yet yields just enough as to not be a harsh and uncomfortable ride. For additional comfort and versatility, the frame can accommodate 25c tires and many manufacturers 28's as well. Run those tubeless and the Ritte Ace quickly becomes a dangerously good looking and effective road racing weapon. Features: True Monocoque - The Ace carbon frame is made as one main structure, eliminating hard joints and seams through the main tubes and joints. Positive Molding - The Ace molding process utilizes a hard inner mold and bladder system, resulting in higher carbon compaction... Grounded Geometry - The Ace uses a well-tested, precise handling and stable descending geometry. The design is based on a slightly longer wheelbase with better front to rear balance. T700/T1000 Carbon Layup - the highest possible grade of carbon that can be practical for use on road frames. Interchangeable Di2/Mechanical - Now Di2 and mechanical cabling is cleaner-looking and easier to route with specially designed inserts. 25+ Tire Clearance - The Ace can accept the largest possible tires that a standard brake caliper will clear. Every brand's 25s and many 28s can fit. Lifetime Warranty - Ritte stands behind the quality of thier bikes, but if there's ever a structural issue with your Ace as a result of manufacturing or material defect, Ritte handles it. Reviews Bikerumor The Radavist Testimonial ""With aspirations of being responsive and race ready, a bike could easily sacrifice comfort for efficiency, but the Ace brings both in spades."" SPECIFICATIONS Fork Rake 45Adeg, Weight 370g Headset FSA Orbit CF33-Carbon Tapered Headset (included) Front Derailleur Braze-On Bottom Bracket PF30 Seatpost 31.6 Full-Carbon (included) Seat Clamp 34.9 (Included) Intended Use Road Racing Frame Weight 900g-1150g (XS-XXL) GEOMETRY (cm) Size Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large XX Large A: Seat Tube Length - - - - - - B: Effective Top Tube 51.5 52.6 54 56.5 57 59 C: Stack 50.5 51.3 54.1 56 58.8 61.5 D: Reach 37 37.4 38.5 39.4 40.1 40.7 E: BB Height - - - - - - F: BB Drop 6.8 6.8 6.8 6.8 6.8 6.7 G: Head Tube Length 10.5 11.5 14 15.5 18.5 21 H: Head Tube Angle 71Adeg 71Adeg 72Adeg 73.5Adeg 73.5Adeg 74Adeg I: Seat Tube Angle 74Adeg 74Adeg 74Adeg 73.5Adeg 74Adeg 73.5Adeg J: Standover Height - - - - - - K: Chainstay Length 41 41 41 41 41 41 L: Wheelbase 972.6 984 990 995.7 106.5 1017

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Ritte Ace Frameset Review

Mom ordered two prescription eyewear frames from this retailer. They were very good deals and were very quickly delivered to us even with standard shipping. We are very happy with this transaction.

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