Industry Nine Torch Ultralite 29 in.

Looking for a custom set of wheels? Give our Gear Advisors a call at (888) 880-3811 to chat about custom color options and size variations. If Industry Nine makes it, chances are we can get it for you. Put simply, the Industry Nine Torch Ultralite 29"" Wheelset is really light. You probably already guessed as much based on the name, but we all know that advertising sometimes isn't always the most honest game in town. Fortunately for you, at Industry Nine honesty wins the day. You'll be hard pressed to find a wheel in this price category that has the Ultralite beat, you might even have a hard time finding a wheel that costs twice as much that can offer the amount of pure performance that the Ultralite does. The Ultralite's class-leading strength, stiffness, and light weight is geared up and ready to help you take your cross-country riding to the top of the podium. The Industry Nine Torch Ultralite 29"" utilizes Industry Nine's highly-praised Torch hubs, which act as the centerpiece to this incredible wheelset. The Torch hub and spoke platform offer substantial weight savings without sacrificing strength or performance. The Torch Ultralite 29's tapered spokes are thicker without being heavy, the hubshell is lighter without giving up strength, and the freehub driver is thinner while still maintaining an exceptionally quick engagement. Industry Nine maximizes durability by utilizing Teflon shields and O-rings that snap onto the hub endcaps. This protective measure, combined with two seals on each bearing, helps to keep grit out and significantly increases bearing life. Torch hubs also offer the convenience of compatibility with most modern axle sizes. The Torch hub allows you swap end caps to adapt to new standards or changes in setup as you switch your wheels to another bike. The Torch Ultralites rim's are lightweight and rock solid and feature a 21mm internal width that provides plenty of support for your tires. Paired with Industry Nine's tubeless technology, you can kiss flat tires goodbye. Features: Wheel size: 29"" Rim width: 25mm external, 21mm internal Tubeless ready Torch Hubs: 2 bearing front with external seals, 4 bearing rear with external Teflon seals Front Axle: 15mm Rear Axle: 12x142mm Compatible with other axle standards with the use of end cap adapters (sold seperately) 9/10 speed Shimano/SRAM compatible Freehub: 120 point, 3 degree engagement, 6 pawl mechanism Spokes: drive side/disc side: 2.9/2.7mm butted, non-drive/non-disc side: 2.9mm Rider weight limit: 180lbs Claimed weight: 1415g / set

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Industry Nine Torch Ultralite 29 in. Review

Just now unboxed fresh Industry Nine Torch Ultralite 29 in.. I'm dumfounded of the soldering guns & irons!

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