Clarke (R) EX30 (TM) Portable Extractor

Designed with your carpet maintenance needs in mind Simple enough for 1 person to handle! Upright dolly design allows for easy loading, unloading and stair climbing. On-demand 212degrees heat provides exceptional cleaning power. Features a (low noise) option for quiet operation. Detached solution and recovery tanks keep clean and dirty water separated. Large rear wheels and 12-gallon tank let you maneuver in tight spaces. Retractable hose wrap holds your vacuum and solution hoses. Cord wraps hold all your electrical cords. Includes built-in handles for added convenience. Clarke (R) EX30 (TM) Portable Extractor is one of many Vacuums & Accessories available through Office Depot. Made by Clarke.

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Clarke (R) EX30 (TM) Portable Extractor Review

What do you want more for this kind of money? Just for 4144.99 you got beautiful product by Clarke.

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